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The Wheel Keeps Turning …

It seems like years ago (and it “was”) that the first arrivals to the Isle of Asylum found themselvesin a “lost colony” situation.

Many doubted that The Empire would ever reopen The Gate.

But eventually, they did. And so, over time, the worries on Asylum have changed. “Do we have enough food to feed everyone ?” has now changed to worrying about fulfilling Imperial Quotas and negotiating with the native tribes to try and integrate Asylum with the rest of The Empire.

As the lazy days of Summer fade on Asylum, life continues an unstoppable march forward …

Old enemies still abound – The Scalese are back to their raiding again, and Hargrim Jahl seems to have revenge on his mind …

The ranks of friends seems to be growing thinner,

3 Dogri Loremasters were taught how to make the cure : Now, one is dead, one is missing – how long will the third last ?

But as the wheel keeps turning – New faces are expected. Word from the Heartworld says that a new Agent Extraordinary has been assigned to the Isle of Asylum – and with the new agent should come information about the Tests of Worth - Prospective candidates for Colonial Governor await The Tests, not entirely sure what will be asked of them...

The fallout from the battle in the sky continues –

the number of survivors at Camp Dauntless slowly increases daily …

Leaders will come and go – both within the confines of New Avinnia, and throughout the Valley.

But one thing always endures : The colonists of the Ninth Isle – The Isle of Asylum !


Come and join us for the Fall 2009 Season of The Isles !

The Isles is a heavily role-play based LARP. While there are many encounters where combat may be

the answer, a very large part of our ongoing story is about interaction with the world around you.

Diplomacy is a major consideration in most aspects of our story, and what you do today will most

certainly effect how people look at you and deal with you “tomorrow.”

Event Dates for the Fall : Sept. 18-20, and Oct. 23-25.

Events are held at Ye Olde Commons LARP Camp, in Charlton, MA.

PC wanted ! For info contact : Zhinn@theisles.org

To register for an event : event_registration@theisles.org

NPC’s Wanted ! We are part of the Accelerant XP/CP Exchange –

come and NPC with us and gain XP for your character in another Accelerant game.

To register as an NPC : NPCPreReg@theisles.org < OR > Zhinn@theisles.org


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