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PCs wanted for Isles Oct 23rd-25th!

As the days grow shorter on Asylum
there is ever more to do …
The next Gate Cycle is expected to bring the return of
Agent-In-Extraordinary Sigurson, and the application
of the Tests of Worth for those seeking office on Asylum …

The struggle against Hargrim D’Jal and his seemingly
endless legions of mindless aberrant goes on.
And now you face one who you knew as a friend
only a few months ago – Loremaster Kensin of Gravino.
If Death cannot stop this condition – what can ?

The Master Mage from Hardestaan cast a wizardry
ritual that revealed a number of previously unknown
gate points within the boundaries of the city –
What lies on the other sides of them ???

And, as always, the deepening nights of the late season
bring the Festival of Last Lights – the Kestra Norte.
The veil between the realm of Death and the Isles
grows thin – and those with scores to settle do their best
to tend matters and head to final rest …

While the Isle of Asylum has joined the Empire,
it seems that now people from all across the Empire
just want a little piece of the action …

All this, and more – at the 2009 Season Closer Event for :


Ye Olde Commons
Charlton Mass.


Welcome to the Closer Event of The Isles : Asylum, Season 4 !
Our next event is on Oct. 23-25, held at the Ye Olde Commons camp in Charlton, MA.

We are looking for players !

Our game is not level-based as much as it is skill based. Even if you come in now as a new colonist, you would be able to contribute to the colony. You may not have quite as many skills, but the combat system is scaled in such a way that all players run on a level ‘playing field’.

We are looking for NPC’s !

We participate in the Accelerant CP Exchange. Come and NPC with us, and you can earn credit for your character in many other Accelerant Games, such as Madrigal, Lost Eidolons, Mesa, End Game, and The Calling.

Isles Contact E-mails :
Player Registration : event_registration@theisles.org
NPC Registration : NPCPreReg@theisles.org
Character Information : Character_Update@theisles.org
Contact the GM : Zhinn@theisles.org

Coming in 2011 : The Isles “2.0” – Campaign Name : Purgatory Station

At the end of the October 2009 Event the campaign staff for the next
Isles-based campaign will be giving out an info packet with more detailed
info. It is expected to include some game setting info, race options,
notes about some new skills, and more.

The Purgatory Station campaign is currently planning to offer a benefit
(they have not decided exactly what, yet) to anyone who plays in the
current Isles Campaign – Asylum. The rules will be virtually all the same,
and the general setting will be the same (The Hardestaan Empire).

So, if you are interested in getting into a new campaign on the ‘ground floor’,
come out and give The Isles – Asylum a try. Learn the particular rules
variants of our game, learn the History of the Empire, and in the end –
get a player / character benefit when you create your character
for the Purgatory Station campaign.

The Isles – Asylum campaign will run thru 2010, and has a ton of
outstanding plot that is yet to resolve itself. If you enjoy a LARP that
exercises your brain your brawn – check us out !

The Isles Website : www.theisles.org (info on dates, rules, etc.)

The Isles Forums : http://theislesorg.web701.discountasp.net/ISLES/default.aspx?g=forum (must register to post)


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Oct. 7th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
Might I suggest putting the actual location above the cut?
Oct. 7th, 2009 01:12 am (UTC)
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