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Isles Larp April 23-25th Charlton Mass!

The cold days of Winter give way to the Early Days of Spring on Asylum …


The colony of Asylum has come of age …

With the full fledged acceptance into the Empire,

The Isle of Asylum now has official representation at the Praetorian Council on Hardestaan.

Many early projects that the colony worked towards have come to fruition.

Now eyes look towards even bigger projects, more profit or more fame – some seek both.

But, with growth also comes the uncertainty.

The local tribes seemed like they were putting their differences aside,
but new rumblings from the far end of the Valley tell different tales …

People from the rest of the Empire all seem to want a piece of the Asylum-Craze, but what happens when that little goldmine plays out ???

With the passing of the Kestra Norte last Fall came a change of cycles :
The Spiritual Chak-Mool was rather helpful, how will the Mental Chak-Mool respond to you ?

And, the one true threat to the entire Isle of Asylum –

Hargrim Djal and his modified Cleansing Device. You drove him out of his home in the ruins of the old city of Avinnia – How long before he comes back home ???

We welcome all to the Season Opening Event for Year 5 of The Isles – Asylum !


Welcome to the Season Opener of The Isles : Asylum, Season 5 !

Our next event is on April 23-25, held at the Ye Olde Commons camp in Charlton, MA.

We are looking for players !

ur game is not level-based as much as it is skill based. Even if you come in now as a new colonist, you would be able to contribute to the colony. You may not have quite as many skills, but the combat system is scaled in such a way that all players run on a level ‘playing field’.

We are looking for NPC’s !

We participate in the Accelerant CP Exchange. Come and NPC with us, and you can earn credit for

your character in many other Accelerant Games, such as Madrigal, End Game, Calling, Aralis, Lost Eidolons, The Mesa, Seven Virtues

Isles Contact E-mails :

Player Registration : event_registration@theisles.org

NPC Registration : NPCPreReg@theisles.org

Character Information : Character_Update@theisles.org

Contact the GM : Zhinn@theisles.org

Event Schedule for 2010 : April 23-25, May 22-23, Sept. 17-19, and Oct 22-24


The Isles Website : www.theisles.org (info on dates, rules, etc.)

The Isles Forums : http://theislesorg.web701.discountasp.net/ISLES/default.aspx?g=forum (must register to post)


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