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The Isles : Asylum Larp May 21-23rd!

Early Spring and Summer on the Isle of Asylum
With the warm weather, Asylum comes alive with all manner of bountiful harvest.

The woods are alive with game of all manner –
and the occasional Scalese Warband …

The woods are full of a plethora of freshly sprouted herbs and food plants -
unless the PharMagica Pickers get to them first …

The Aberrant are increasing in numbers, which can only mean that
Hargrim Djal is on the move …

And who knows what sort of bargain he may have struck with the
Fey Market before they left ???

The fifth year of the colony on the Isle of Asylum is looking to be the
most pivotal year to date – and quite possibly the most pivotal year
that the Ninth Isle may ever face. Come and see everything unfold at –

The Isles !


Welcome to The Isles : Asylum, Season 5 !

Our next event is on May 21-23, held at the Ye Olde Commons camp in Charlton, MA.

We are looking for players !

Our game is not level-based as much as it is skill based. Even if you come in now as a new colonist, you would be able to contribute to the colony. You may not have quite as many skills, but the combat
system is scaled in such a way that all players run on a level ‘playing field’.

We have an extensive production system that allows players to craft almost any item they need in game. It is possible to
actually be a merchant and succeed in The Isles – here combat is not the answer to everything …

Special Note : Plans are underway for a new campaign set within the same rules framework as the current one. It will launch in 2011 – and anyone who PC’s an event in the Isles-Asylum campaign will be given a small starting bonus when making a character for the next campaign –
The Isles – Purgatory Station … So, this is a chance to come and check out the game and setting, and if you like it you can get in on the ‘ground floor’ of the new campaign next year !

We are looking for NPC’s !

We participate in the Accelerant CP Exchange. Come and NPC with us, and you can earn credit for

your character in many other Accelerant Games, such as Madrigal, End Game, The Calling, Lost Eidolons, Valhalla and Seven Virtues. If there are any more new games in the Accelerant System not mentioned here please contact me.

Isles Contact E-mails :
Player Registration : event_registration@theisles.org
NPC Registration : NPCPreReg@theisles.org
Character Information : Character_Update@theisles.org
Contact the GM : Zhinn@theisles.org

Event Schedule for 2010 :, Sept. 17-19, and Oct 22-24


The Isles Website : www.theisles.org (info on dates, rules, etc.)

The Isles Forums : http://theislesorg.web701.discountasp.net/ISLES/default.aspx?g=forum (must register to post)


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