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Some guys are real babies

I have a male player in my group who's talked several times about going to strip clubs. I've seen his collections of pornographic playing cards. Laurell K. Hamilton and Jacqueline Carey are two of his favorite authors.

You'd think the appearance of an exposed female breast in a game wouldn't affect him at all, right?

Apparently not. In the most recent session of my tabletop Renaissance fantasy game (where there are no baby bottles), he got very flustered (OOC, mind) when I mentioned that a female NPC was breastfeeding her toddler in public. Something like, "I look away, because I care about her modesty, even if she doesn't."

*sighs* I really hate double standards. Then again, this is the same player who had a fit when the local fertility goddess in another of my fantasy games appeared before the characters, clad in nothing except her long, flowing hair. I made certain to tell the players that the hair was covering all of her "objectionable" bits, and he still went on a tear about what a "slut" she was.

*sighs again*


My buddy Rachael Webster, a.k.a. PixelVixen707, has just started writing a new gaming column for SuicideGirls called Hit Play. Her first post is on SouthPeak's Velvet Assassin and the real life WWII spy, Violette Szabo, who inspired the game. Violette went from working a department store counter to working special ops, parachuting behind enemy lines to sabotage roads and railways, help bombers find their targets, and rally the French resistance. Now you can live Violette's life vicariously through your Xbox.

Click HERE to read Hit Play with PixelVixen707 and the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G story of Violette Szabo.

Witch Girls Adventures

(This will be cross posted)

Thank you all for your support in the making of "Witch Girls Adventures"
the site www.witchgirlsadventures.com is updated and running.

and the books at the printers

Read more...Collapse )

Next Issue coming out soon.

For those of you who haven't read it yet the latest issue of Cerise will be replaced with the new one soon. http://cerise.theirisnetwork.org/

Witch Girls Update

The Witch Girls Adventures books are off to the printers

Standard Edition: http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/olgacovers.jpg
Wicked Edition: http://www.channelmlive.com/cgi-bin/i/misc/wickedcovers.jpg

(For those of you wondering the difference is cover, 10 page comic story and some inside pages)But the Wicked Edition is only available online and at cons.

and next week the first issue of the comic will join them.
The comic: http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/WGT1a.jpg

Thinking back on everything I've learned since Nemesis I have to say I feel good about this but printing is the part that makes me nervous. It's like sending your kids off to summer camp; you don't know how they'll return.

Good news thanks to the economy I was able to keep the core rule book with a cover price under 20 dollars (19.99) the comic first issue is 4.99 on the cover but your getting 48 full cover pages. I hate the 22 page limit most comics have (and your still paying over 3 bucks.)

Promoting Witch Girls started two years ago and I'll be pushing it more now. I'm sending the first module and supplement off to the proof reader by the end of the month. And I'm working on the next comic issues and the Princess Lucinda limited series....speaking of...Want to see some art?
Sure you do.

Pencils from the comic (It'll be in color so excuse the roughness)

This will be a 6 issue limited series 44 pages a book (Again my protest against 22 page comics)

The supplements should be out before August (October latest)
Module 1: The Pirates of Buccaneer Hill: Witches vs. Ghost and Zombie Pirates.
Supplement 1: Moon Shadow Circle: The guide to a magical Town. This one is going to kick butt I get to expand the WGA universe It comes with the Directors screen, Character creation software and a free copy the witch girls song (If you can’t wait you can here it and download it here. http://www.channelmlive.com/misc/WhatKindOfWitch_3-5-09.mp3

Well that's it.
Oh wait......

Nemesis Remix... is coming up for a second play testing in a few months.
"It's time to be relentless...again"

Till next time…


(This will be cross posted)

A few questions...

I'm starting a new series (besides the B-movie reviews I've been doing) for realitybreak.com on Geek Fitness, beginning with an article on best videogames for fitness. For all those who have used any home or arcade-version game for fitness (DDR, WiiFit, Yourself Fitness for Xbox/PS2, Wii My Fitness Coach, etc.), can you help by giving me some input on the questions below?

1. Which fitness game/program do you use the most (include system you play it on)?

2. How often do you use the game of choice?

3. Did you purchase the game primarily for fitness or for fun (with fitness being a nice side-effect)?

4. What benefits have you gotten since playing it?

5. Would you recommend it to someone who doesn't work out regularly?

6. Do you have kids, and if so, do they use the game with you?

Any input for this would be great. Thanks for your help!

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I'd like to post this special event jointly hosted by ICON Science Fiction Inc. and the Browncoats of NYC.

It will be on Sat 04 Apr 2009 from 7pm to 2am, with a buffet dinner and beginner's lessons ~9pm for Argentine tango, swing, waltz and reels. There will be performances by the NY Jedi, tango dancers and a screening of Done the Impossible.  Jame Chambers (author of the Serenity RPG), will also show off new Serenity supplements.

Check here for frequent updates and directions: http://tinyurl.com/Firefly-Shindig-Milonga

50 or Bust - Pre-registration closes on Sunday 15 Mar: http://tinyurl.com/Firefly-Shindig-Tix01

Just an update. There was an extension for the event, but...

1211 T 17 Mar 2009

I am no longer affiliated with the organization and have been advised to remove information regarding their programming from all of my online systems for my legal protection.

I-CON 28 management has changed the event and you must refer to their main website (http://iconsf.org) for any updates regarding it. The registration will have to start over from scratch. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

Good luck and enjoy the rearranged function. For obvious reasons, I won't be attending, but I'd be really grateful if pictures were posted and I'm remembered by someone at the event.

~^..^~ Cherise
Catch you later at my con - http://nycsf.org or yours!

Combat Arms

Anybody play this game? It's a FREE first person shooter. I just recently downloaded it and started playing it. I also play America's Army, but whereas AA is a realism/stratagy based FPS, Combat Arms is more of a free for all kill fest. So far I'm digging it. You gain rank and GP (money) for points you score. The game is free, but they have a black market where you can buy swank guns, gear and characters with real money, so that's the reason it's free. But honestly, you can also buy gear and weapons with your GP you earn and so far they seem, at least to me, to be good enough so that you don't have to spend any real money. I don't have a problem not being customized.

The game has got several different maps to play and you have the option of playing elimination, every man for himself, missions and capture the flag on all the different maps.

Here's a clip of what the game play looks like.