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This is a community for all of you women, girls, chicks and whatnot, in short: all females out there who enjoy one of the most fun and interesting past-times there is: role-playing games!
So grab a seat, get yourself some munchies and share with us your thoughts on games, the funniest quotes from your latest gaming session or rant about what it is like to be a gamer girl!

There's just a few rules for posting here:

1. You've got to be female (duh)
2. This is a community for the discussion of table-top gaming, LARPs and PBEMs. If you want to discuss console/computer games, please see girl_gamers for that.
3. Be polite. No flames, and keep in mind that everyone has a right to have their own view on things, even if it differs from yours.
4. Please, no ads. Announcements for cons and new worlds/gaming systems are OK, but I firmly believe that if people want to buy something, they will look up a retailer of their own accord, and don't need to be prompted to do so.
5. Long or image heavy posts should be placed under a lj-cut.
6. Have fun :-)!

your friendly (well, most of the time ;-) host